The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa
The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa
The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa
The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa


Location : Lower Ground Floor
Timings : 0900hrs – 1800hrs (open 7 days)

Art Spice is an arts organization and gallery devoted to promoting the visual and performing arts and help perceive art in its totality in an across the board in an interdisciplinary manner. 
It has hosted many successful shows including shows with sitting diplomats, senior artists and shows directed at corporate houses. With India enjoying the world’s attention as the emerging destination for art, Art Spice provide a world class environment to showcase the very best of Indian and international art as the gallery is a platform for art from across the world under one roof.

It aims to provide an international platform to a wider audience and support Indian arts’ global positioning and status. Art Spice makes the arts accessible to those who are the potential patrons of visual arts in a five-star ambience and comfort. The moving clientele of hotel guests and regulars at the various restaurants of the hotel are devoted patrons of the gallery.

Art Spice hopes to play the role of a catalyst to help build interest and generate understanding of art amongst a wider audience from both within India and overseas. Art Spice is committed to provide a truly collaborative platform that will bring all the stakeholders together to work towards promoting the showcase, trade, network and exchange of art in the region.

The unique location of the gallery in a luxurious five-star hotel in the heart of the city, has many advantages: self driven car parking and valet parking; world class food and beverages; 200 rooms with new in house guests almost on a daily basis, digital publicity within the hotel to reach out to the guests; with an option of printed information about the shows. At Art Spice, every canvas is a celebration of life and colour to let you have an artful experience.

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