– Ecological Philosophy of The Metropolitan

THE MET in its EcoMet concept of the green movement has collectively developed an ecological world-view, which has five basic ingredients, or five key elements; they are: Earth (prithvi), Water (jal), Fire (agni), Air (vayu) and Space (aakash). EcoMet inspired from both Ancient Vedic and Modern Science is certified with ISO14001:2004, an Environment Management System Certification given by an internationally recognized certification body. This implies that THE MET abides by all environment policies and objectives, and expresses the concern towards Environment, Society, Safety of Guests, Staff, Visitors and Public at large.

EcoMet’s, five basic elements gives us a structure for an integrated view of Nature. Five basic elements as per Ancient Vedic & Modern Science are as follows:

  Elements of Cosmos
as per
Vedic Science
Elements of Ecology
as per
Modern Science
Depiction of the EcoMet Logo Logo
1. Earth Earth Flower
2. Water Water Fountain
3. Fire Energy Sun
4. Air Air Fan
5. Space Environment Window


The above elements along with the various forces of nature, sustain life and maintains equilibrium in this planet. Any imbalance in the interplay of these elements can result in chaos. An invisible equation operates between the elements outside, the elements within the individual and his living place. Balance of these elements creates Harmony of Nature (perfect balance creates perfect harmony). 

The Objective of EcoMet is to create a balance between environment and man in a space so as to absorb maximum benefits of the five basic elements and achieve the PERFECT HARMONY through Permaculture and Creation Spirituality.